Sermon PDFs:

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Our Heart Purified - Part 3 Download Wednesday, 12/02/20
Watch Ye and Pray Always Download Sunday PM, 11/29/20
Value the Truth Above All Download Sunday AM, 11/29/20
Our Heart Purified - Part 2 Download Wednesday, 11/25/20
Never Cease Thanking God Download Sunday PM, 11/22/20
Priority of Preparation Download Sunday AM, 11/22/20
Our Heart Purified Download Wednesday, 11/18/20
Well, It Is A Command Download Sunday PM, 11/15/20
Qualify to Be Included Download Sunday AM, 11/15/20
Christian Faith Works Actively Download Wednesday, 11/11/20
A Great White Throne Download Sunday PM, 11/08/20
One-Way Ticket to Paradise! Download Sunday AM, 11/08/20
Examples of God's Teaching - Part 3 Download Wednesday, 11/04/20
Blueprint for Perpetual Living Download Sunday PM, 11/01/20
Going Through the Motions Download Sunday AM, 11/01/20
Teaching and Training By God Himself 2 Download Wednesday, 10/28/20
One Life Separates Two Destinies Download Sunday PM, 10/25/20
Truth Has Never Been so Important Download Sunday AM, 10/25/20
Teaching and Training By God Himself 1 Download Wednesday, 10/21/20
Prophecies Being Fulfilled! Download Sunday PM, 10/18/20
The Secret is Revealed! Download Sunday AM, 10/18/20
Covering of the Atonement Sacrifice Download Wednesday, 10/14/20
The Way to the Prize Download Sunday PM, 10/11/20
Persecuted But Persistent Download Sunday AM, 10/11/20
Divine Healing (Plus) Eternal Life Download Wednesday, 10/07/20
Privilege of Divine Power Download Sunday PM, 10/04/20
Choosing Best Friends! Download Sunday AM, 10/04/20
Important Lessons Taught By God Download Wednesday, 9/30/20
Wrongs - Met Right Download Sunday PM, 9/27/20
Human Success; Divine Sucess Download Sunday AM, 9/27/20
Repentance 2 Download Wednesday, 9/23/20
Millenial Kingdom Coming Soon! Download Sunday PM, 9/20/20
Example of Excellence! Download Sunday AM, 9/20/20
True Repentance Download Wednesday, 9/16/20
Approaching the Return of Christ Download Sunday PM, 9/13/20
Making the Truth Attractive! Download Sunday AM, 9/13/20
Value of Temptation Allowed By God Download Wednesday, 9/09/20
All Things Are Possible! Download Sunday PM, 9/06/20
Hundredfold is a Promise! Download Sunday AM, 9/06/20
Finances, Property & Real Estate Download Wednesday, 9/02/20
Invited and Accepting! Download Sunday PM, 8/30/20
Deciding on Salvation Download Sunday AM, 8/30/20
Fellowship in God's Word Download Wednesday, 8/27/20
Preparation in Progress! Download Sunday PM, 8/23/20
The Way Seems Right! Download Sunday AM, 8/23/20
The Life of Jesus Began Humbly Download Wednesday, 8/19/20
One Way - The Only Way Download Sunday PM, 8/16/20
One Book is Indispensable Download Sunday AM, 8/16/20
Resurrected Life of Jesus - Means Life for Us Download Wednesday, 8/12/20
Choose to Believe the Evidence Download Sunday PM, 8/09/20
The Destiny We Choose Download Sunday AM, 8/09/20
Being A Real Christian; What That Means - Part 2 Download Wednesday, 8/05/20
Protection From Plagues! Download Sunday PM, 8/02/20
Press Toward the Prize Download Sunday AM, 8/02/20
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